SPM special machine slip-ring & cable-reel

Block Phase

 During the block stage, the motor can be either not supplied (long block), or being supplied along the winding direction (short block) allowing the system to slip.

Phase2– Unwinding 

 During the unwinding phase, the motor is supplied along the cable winding direction, and the cable is unwound trough traction by the operating machine. 3– Winding

Phase3– Winding Phase

 During the winding phase, the motor is supplied along winding.The torque motor can operate on a continuous basis (100%) without being damaged, since it can resist temperatures of 100°C and above.

General Properties
Environment Outdoor
Working temperature - 15°C - +40°C
Altitude Max 1500 o.s.l.
Fixing point By 4 holed ppainting
Motors torque Standard
three-phase electric torque motor, IP 55
torque 2, 3,4.5 , 6,8.5 Nm self-ventilated
(option servo-ventilated)
torque 10,12, 17, 22, 35 Nm servo-ventilated
Electric collector/stator Low voltage
, protection IP 65.
Power voltage from 690Vac, up to 400 A
Auxiliary and signals/can bus, up to 42 rings
mixed power + auxiliary/signals



Spool Until 800 mm in shaped sheet, red   painted red More than 800 mm Ø, drawn steel plates, hot dip painting Internal hot painting steel band.
Gear box Support Aluminum or cast-iron high resistance casing red painted. Special casehardened and ground steel gears. High resistance steel shafts. Lubrication for life.
Electric Motor torque Voltage 230/400 Vac three-phase 50 Hz. Protection IP 55, Class H isolation. Die cast aluminum casing. Painted black.Stationing brake Disk with two braking surfaces (asbestos free). Protection timing case painted Bolts and Nuts
Electric collector
Outside the drum. Cast alloy bronze power rings, brass auxiliary rings, gold-plating or silver-plating signal rings.
Power and auxiliary copper-electro graphite brushes, Signals silver-graphite brushes. Plastic reinforced by fiber glass insulators. 


Motor Driven Cable Reel is specially designed and manufactured for mobile feeding power systems. The feeding is realized by low voltage electrical cables.
The mobile systems are generally overhead cranes or translating working machines, used in all kinds of environment, such as ports, steelworks, constructions, lift and transports plants. This means that this machine has always to be integrated with other machines as a complement. For this reason it is normally controlled by the machine it is integrated with; rarely, it is equipped with an independent control panel .